I’ve Got This

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Sometimes confidence and arrogance are separated by a fine line.  The basic concept of today’s comic comes courtesy of some advisors who attended my session at OACADA (I’ll be making a separate post about that experience soon).  As advisors it’s part of our job to balance helping students reach their goals while simultaneously helping students to set thoughtful and realistic goals in the first place.  Now we certainly don’t want to be setting students up for failure, but one lesson that I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes you just have to let students make some poor choices.  We still want to give them the advice and information so they can reach their own decisions.  Students may not listen to us the first time, but once things don’t go so well, they realize that our advice perhaps wasn’t all that bad.  At least at that point, they’ll truly know that we really do care and have their best interests in mind.