Redux: Meeting Britney

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I’ll be presenting at an advising conference today, and one of the presentations will be about this very comic strip and the underlying issues that are buried beneath the humor.  Looking back at my early comics… well, they’re a bit rough around the edges.  I’ve always wanted to go back and clean them up, but I’ve resisted because I wanted to preserve the history and evolution.  However, I found that I really wanted to use one of the older comics for my presentation, but it felt really jarring to see this “uglier” and blurrier comic in contrast to the more recent works.  So… today’s comic revisits the first time the world was introduced to Britney Morgan. Not everything is exactly the same, but I’m generally happy with the results.

If all goes well, those who attend my comic session will get to help co-create the next comic strip.  We shall see.  Regardless, there will be something new next week.  Promise, promise.