The Elusive Dr. Staff

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I have to say I’m really proud of this one.  It took me far longer to complete than I wanted, but that dang Time-Turner was a pain.  I realize that I’m assuming that almost everyone has either read or seen the third Harry Potter book/movie (my personal favorite) in which Hermione Granger is given the Time-Turner, essentially a time travel necklace, so she can attend multiple classes that occur at the same time.  I figured Harry Potter has become fairly ubiquitous at this point, so why not throw in a reference.  Plus it has to make sense to more people than the Bioshock reference a few months ago.

As always this comic has its foundations in reality as I frequently have students ask about poor Dr. Staff when enrolling for classes.  Now that I think about it, there’s surely a Dr. Staff somewhere in the world (just checked and there is not currently a Dr. Staff at my school).  I’m not sure if other schools have the Dr. Staff problem, but it’s a classic around here.