Inspired by real stories in academic advising, “Alternate University” follows the exploits of academic advisors and their crazy interactions with students, the university, and each other. This could quite possibly be the only online comic devoted to the world of academic advising, but it also examines different aspects of university life.

Alternate University started on August 16, 2010 as a start of the semester creative experiment to bring some humor to the world of academic advising.  New comics are posted each week on whatever day I’m able to get a strip done between my “real” job.  It’s easy to jump in at any point, but you may like to start at the beginning.


Alternate University is written and drawn by Shawn Rose.  He works as an Arts & Sciences academic advisor and is currently completing a doctoral program in Education – Curriculum Studies.  Creativity and helping others realize their creative capacities is his real passion, and this comic is one creative outlet.   He lives with his wonderful wife and two sons.