No Comments on Bioshocked

Today’s comic is probably a little risky as it’s likely that it will alienate readers who aren’t into video games.  I happen to be someone who really enjoys games with great narratives which leads to the Bioshock Infinite influenced comic for today.  Many of our students are also into video games, and it can be surprising how games can have an influence on us in ways we may not really expect (sometimes positive, sometimes negative).  I believe that sometimes games can be portals to incidental learning… but that’s a whole different matter that I won’t drone on about here.  The character Chuck was actually first introduced in another video game inspired comic strip, so it only seemed fitting to keep that trend going.  I’m just afraid that a lot of people won’t get the jokes, and they say if you have to explain a joke then it’s not a very good joke.  That’s the danger of using pop culture references I suppose.  Regardless, some context might be helpful here.  The Bioshock series is well known for its “shocking” revelations that occur during the game and a unique twist on science.  I’m sure poor Chuck here desperately wishes that some surprise twist would make the class more in line with what he hoped it would be. I’m afraid that the joke is on him.