Brief Hiatus

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It happens every semester, but this one seems to be rougher than usual. I have too many projects and not enough time to get everything done. Unfortunately that means that there won’t be another Alternate University comic until Dec. 19. I’ll be doing my best to post some filler content such as the cartoon I posted today from my time with the Wake Up & Dream initiative last week. Thanks for understanding, and I hope to have some good end of the semester and Christmas comics in a couple of weeks.

Website Go Boom

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I feared that this would happen.  Everything, and I mean everything, was wiped out during an upgrade to the site.  I have all of the comics saved elsewhere, but all of the comments and blog entries attached to my previous webcomics are no more.  This is incredibly depressing, but looks like I have no real choice but to rebuild from the ground up.  I appreciate your patience.

UPDATE: It looks like all of the the blogs and comments are still in the database, but I’m going to have to manually redirect every comic to the correct place and re-upload every image.  The site layout is a little funky right now, but I’ll fix that later.  Right now the priority is to get a functioning archive in place.  On the bright side, I was wanting to give the site a new coat of paint, so I suppose this gives me an excuse to do some overhauling.

State of Creativity Forum = Late Comic

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I spent the last two days in Oklahoma City attending the State of Creativity Forum and the cSchool Bootcamp workshop. Lots of great ideas and insights being shared regarding creativity in education, commerce, and culture. I really want to do a comic strip about the forum, yet I’m a bit tuckered out at the moment. I’ll be trying to get something done in the next couple of days so thanks for your patience. Maybe if I’m super productive I’ll get something going during lunch tomorrow.